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  Storage Mods


Storage Additions in Main Cabin

Several small projects were done in the main cabin and galley.

Galley knife and cutlery storage

Plastic stoage box on the inside of galley cabinet

Plastic box is tack-glued

Storage hammock - port side

Magazine rack - front cabin bulkhead - next to sink

Winch-handle storage, galley hand-rail, boat hook

Winch handle storage

Front-cabin fire extinguisher

V-berth lee cloth

Main cabin fire extinguisher (forward bulk-head, starboard)

Gear hooks on galley island

Also.. (2005 Additions)

bulletMagazine rack on bulkhead near Nav-station
bulletdrink-holder on front starboard bulkhead
bulletBinocular holder on main bulkhead (port)
bulletDrink holder over range in galley


Drink holder (starboard)

Binocular rack (port)

Magazine rack (nav station)

Hi-tech tool to add water to the batteries

CD Storage

pre-iPod days


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