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Additional hand-rails Cabin Handholds


Cabin Handholds

Gatita's main cabin is pretty big for a 38-footer. The handholds on the starboard side (above the settee) are good. However, I kept reaching for something to grab on to as soon as I come down the companionway.

Main cabin bulk-head - two-loop teak handrail

Front cabin - position of the bolts through the bulk-head

Front cabin - matching 2-loop handrail

Galley hand-rail

Galley counter-top hand-rail

Galley counter-top hand-rail from the side

Galley counter-top

Galley Countertop Hand-rail

The 390 has a nice rail from the side of the sinks to the roof. I thought about getting one made like it. After looking at a few boats - I settled with a rail on the countertop next to the cutting-board/chute.

The countertop is quite thick - the 1/4" screws are backed up with large fender washers.

Aft Cabin Door

A second hand-rail went by the door to the aft cabin. There is already a hand-rail on the left side of the door - but it's somewhat high up for Deb. The new one, to the right and lower, is more convenient for both of us in a seaway.

The rail was bolted through the bulkhead and backed up using large fender washers.

Double Rails - Main/Front Cabin

I added two longer handrails here. One was on the portside of the door and the other one was matched inside the front cabin. They were drilled together and through bolted with barrel nuts.

5" bolts were just long enough with a 1/4" shim on the front cabin side.

These rails make moving around the cabin lot more convenient (the teak handrails are about $8 each plus another $15 in hardware).

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