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Nav Station


Nav Station Setup

800 watt inverter above nav-station

Inverter outside comm cabinet. Raymarine autopilot inside.

Magazine rack

Macerator pump switch cover

Cover open

The 800W inverter has its own 50A breaker on the panel. It's sufficient for most of my light electrical needs at the Nav station.

GPS Setup

Gatita has two GPS receivers - one NMEA and the other Seatalk. The first one was part of the initial electronics setup and is mounted on the stern rail. The second receiver was put in during the Radar installation and sits on the antenna hoop over the radar dome. GPS data is repeated to the DSC-VHF.

Only one of the receiver is used at a time (selected via a switch in nav-station)


Nav Station Seat Pad-eye

I through-bolted a pad-eye at waist level. A webbing strap with plastic buckles (2") are tied to the loop and another to the back of the seat.

No more problems in starboard tack!


Strap + padeye

Strap on seat

Straps in place


Apple iPod

The 15GB version of the iPod can hold thousands of songs. It is set up using a small FM gizmo and plays via the CD/FM player. No more lugging around CDs.





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