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Spinnaker Setup


Spinnaker Halyard/Crane/Block

Initially I used the internal halyard and the nose fitting on the mast. But that setup was prone to jamming.

Gatita in her first slip in Marina Village. It was a 36' slip - Gatita is 39'+ overall...

Marina village (from 60' feet up)

Original mast-head sheave set-up. The blue halyard is the spinnaker halyard

I had Hansen Rigging set up a masthead crane with a Garhauer 60 series free-swiveling block and an external halyard. Much better setup and I am very happy with it.

Spinnaker Sheet Blocks

Two harken diamond pad-eyes were through-bolted on each side of the cockpit to the rear. The sheet blocks are Garhauer 60 series blocks with bungee keepers attached to lifelines. This block position is fairly aft - we twinge the sheets as needed.

Port-side spinnaker sheet block

(Garhauer 60)

Twinge Set-up

A ratchet block with cam is lashed to the mid-ship cleats with spectra loop. The twinge snatch block (Holt Allen) - is composite and quite light.

The loops used are climbing loops from REI - they are strong and cheap ($3 each - c. 2004).

Guy/Twinge Components

Ratchet block w/ cam, Twinge Snatch block (Hot Allen), Guy snatch block, (Garhauer), Spectra loop, bungee for Guy block

Close-up of twinge snatch-block

Twinge block ready to go on cleat

Twinge block

More twinge block

Close-up of loop specs

Twinge line + snatch block

The long loops are also very handy

jacklines, slings, motor hoist..

Mounted on the mid-ship cleats...

Ready to go

Twinge block closeup

Another view


Spinnaker Guy Blocks

Two Garhauer 60 series snatch blocks lashed to the mid-ship cleats with spectra loops. They are bungeed to the lifelines to save the gel-coat. Works great.

Double-ended fore-guy has cam-cleats on each side of the cockpit front on the cabin-side. The foredeck double block is a Ronstan stand-up block.

Afterguy block

Another view

Foreguy eye-strap (cabin side looking aft)

Double-ended foreguy runs back to the cockpit

Foreguy double block on foredeck

Foreguy cam-cleats


Spinnaker Pole/Topping Lift/Car/Car Storage

  1. Spinnaker pole - fixed alum. pole approx. 15+ feet. Toggle/Socket fitting. It is set up for dip-pole jibes - with an inboard end wire trip ring).
  2. Spinnaker pole is stored on deck (starboard side) in chocks.
  3. Topping lift exits mast on port side - secured on mast mounted cleat. (3/8" Sta-set line)
  4. Spinnaker pole car rides on the mast grooves. Control lines and blocks with jam cleats on mast for inboard height adjustment. (3/8" Sta-set line)

Pole storage (front)

car front

Top fittings

Spinnaker car

Car - another view

Lower blocks

Car and toggle

Jaw release fitting

Pole lift cleat (on mast)

Masthead block (blue halyard)

Asymmetric Spinnaker Tack Setup

Currently I use a block off the stem-head.

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