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Anchor Setup


Primary Anchor Setup

The primary anchor, set up on the factory bow roller, is a 35# Delta. It's self-launching and works well with the up/down windlass setup. It has 25' of 5/16 HT chain and 200' of 1/2" 3-strand nylon rode.

Delta on bow roller

Danforth anchor mount on bow pulpit



The setup is fine around the San Francisco bay. I have considered all chain - but that's a lot of weight at the bow. I may go to 100' of chain added to the existing setup (future).


Secondary/Tandem Anchor Setup

Jan 2005:

Secondary anchor at the bow is a 24# West Marine Traditional anchor (like a Danforth but lot less expensive). It's heavy, unwieldy, has all kind of sharp corners to snag on lines and sails and is a pain to stow. But... in the San Francisco and delta mud it holds like a charm.


This anchor is normally in the anchor locker. It can also be carried on an anchor-bracket on the bow pulpit. I am experimenting with using this in a tandem setup with the delta anchor.


A second 20' chain/ 150' rode combo, anchor shackles and tie-wraps are carried in a bucket in the stern lazarette.



Stern Anchor Setup


Lunch Hook (Feb, 2005):

8# West Marine traditional anchor, 15' of 1/4" chain and 150' of 3/8" nylon. Carried on an anchor mount off the stern rail.

Lunch hook mount on port stern rail

Anchor mount on stern rail.


Spare: FX-23 Fortress - carried disassembled in the lazarette.




- 300' of Samson PTS-12 7/16" braided Nylon line on spool

- 6 dock-lines (25' each) - 1/2" Nylon

- 2 mooring lines (50' each) - 1/2" Nylon



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