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Foot Block Addition

I mounted a single foot block with integral clutch on top of the existing turning blocks on each side. The blocks are made by Garhauer (OEM supplier to Catalina) and they matched perfectly.

The bottom plate of the original blocks was gooped solid. The bottom plate of the new block becomes the top plate of the old block.

The top block will be used for two things:

  1. Normal Use: The preventer lines will run to these blocks on each side.

  2. Spinnaker Use: The spinnaker guys will run through these blocks. Clutches will be used to preset the pole during gybes and to hold it while lines are being switched on the primary winches.

I still have to figure out a preventer of sorts while flying the spinnaker. Most of the time we do not use a preventer during spinnaker runs. But there are times when we need it - may be this is when I shall rig an end-boom offshore preventer (definitely not a near-term project).

bulletGarhauer foot-blocks

New block height

New block details

New block length

New (lower) and old sheave

Starboard - I mounted the top spacer backwards. It has been fixed

The upgrade was pretty straightforward.

12/2003 update - I have been using the preventer set-up for a while and quite happy with it.

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