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Horizon Sails


Horizon Sails Spinnaker and Headsail

Spring 2002:

I wanted to add a spinnaker. I started looking at all the offerings from different sail-maker -  and got over-whelmed very quickly.

Clearly I needed expert help to sort this out.


Salvation came in the form of a local sailing celeb - who agreed to come on the boat to sail with me.

Verdict -

  1. The Main is in good shape so is the 90% #3 from Neill Pryde.

  2. Get a good light 155 headsail for upwind work in <10 knots

  3. Then get the chute


After some soul (and pocket) searching - I ended up buying a Pentex 155% headsail and a 3/4 oz. spinnaker from Horizon Sails in Australia. It was winter (off-season) down under - and I ended up with two sails at a great price.


The light #1 turned out to be a great sail. It's cut on the furler rather than down to the deck - so I don't have to take the furler off. Only problem is - you can't leave the sail on the furler for long because of UV damage. One of these days I need to get a sock made for it.


Horizon spinnaker and the light #1 (furled)

Off Treasure Island, San Francisco



The spinnaker has been fantastic as well. You can also see the #1 in the picture above. There is a grey UV-protection coating in the film - but it's really not meant to be stored in the open.


See the spinnaker setup page for the rigging.

The Factory Main

(Summer 2004)


The Catalina factory Dacron main has held up well. I tore the foot during the Coastal Cup in 2002. Larsen sails of Santa Cruz repaired it and put in double rings + webbing to help reefing. The rings are simpler than blocks and has held up well.





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