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Sailing From Santa Cruz

September 12 - 13, 2003

 GATITA was berthed in Santa Cruz for a few weeks. After some fun-filled days - it was time to head back home.

I stayed at the boat overnight - and started early next morning. It was just before Sunrise.

Santa Cruz small-craft harbor is beautiful. There was not a breath of wind as I went around the Natural Bridges park and the Sun started peeping over the hills.

Santa Cruz houses

Heading south to clear the kelp beds

Santa Cruz hills

Sana Cruz municipal wharf and pier

Sunrise over Capitola

Here comes the Sun...

Looking North towards Davenport

Stern shot


Sunrise over Monterey hills


Unlike the last couple of times - this was a bright, warm and clear day. I saw a bunch of powerboats out and about. Including this fishing boat.


"Ray" the ST6001+ does a good job. Vmg = 6.5 Knots


Fishing boat - close up

That's a big line drum


Got to Pillar Point harbor in Half Moon Bay by the afternoon


Pigeon Point light

More Pigeon Point...

Half Moon bay from the south

just south of entrance channel

Pillar Point

Pillar Point entrance channel - green marker (mid-channel)

At the dock

Gatita and a beautiful sportfisher