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Stern Pole


Stern Pole Setup

The Stern Pole is now installed with a bunch of gear.


 It's a  Garhauer manual leveling pole - 10' long and 2.5" diameter. Johnson-Hicks Marine of Santa Cruz did the installation.


The pole is mounted on the slope of the transom just outboard of the starboard stern-rail seat. There are two clamps securing it to the stern rails. The pole has -

  1. 4Kw Raytheon RADAR scanner (dome)

  2. Second GPS antenna

  3. CARD antenna (passive RADAR detector)

  4. Welded mount on the hoop for a second antenna

  5. A deck light

  6. A loudhailer attached to the Standard Horizon VHF/PA/Loudhailer system

  7. Outboard motor lift (Garhauer)

Stern pole braced to pulpit

another view

Looking down

Deck-light, loud-hailer, radome

Antenna hoop, GPS and CARD antenna

Garhauer motor lift


The installation is very nice - and, of course, more expensive than planned.


The radar/chartplotter at the helm works great. The Raytheon system does a slick overlay of the radar image on the chartplotter.


Propane (1lb cylinders) Storage


4" PVC pipe + inspection cap. Holds four 1lb propane cylinders.


Starboard - propane cylinder storage

Propane cylinder storage - top


The inspection cap is greased to keep water out. The bottom has a vent hole.

The cylinder is lashed to the pole. Keeps the cylinders right next to the barbecue.


Fish-finder/Depth Sounder

This works pretty well. When I found the bottom trying to go to the pump-out dock at very low tide - it showed me very graphically how the bottom rose to meet the keel! It did give me a couple of seconds of warning (rapidly rising slope of bottom).


The in-hull installation of the Airmar transducer worked without complication. The transducer is mounted under the floor-boards close to the nav-station.


C.A.R.D. Passive Radar Detector

The antenna for this is mounted on the stern pole - the display head is mounted on the top teak trim above the nav-station.

C.A.R.D. Display above the nav-station

Close-up of C.A.R.D. display head


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